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Qomo QView QD3600 Document Camera Otterbox Reflex Case for iPad 2/3/4 - Vapor | iPad Case Kanex Syndee iPad Charging System
Qomo QPC30-MX Portable Document Camera Copernicus Dewey Document Camera Stand Otterbox Defender iPad Case for iPad 2/3 | iPad Case supplying schools with technology products since 1982.

VSC has been supplying educational institutions with technology products for more than 30 years. At the very beginning, our goal was to develop a relationship of trust with our customers by offering competitive prices along with outstanding service. We knew that there were plenty of other suppliers offering low prices, so we decided to distinguish ourselves by also offering unrivaled service and knowledgeable support.

Our staff consists of people who share your love of teaching and understand how technology can be leveraged to make your job easier and more effective. We understand how confusing it can be to decide which product or brand will work best in your classroom, so we have experienced specialists who can help you sort through your options and get the best solution for your budget.

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